Sustainability Designation Classes (S-Focused and S-Related)

Some classes offered are designated sustainability-related or sustainability-focused. Sustainability designated classes expose students to some core concepts of sustainability and their application to issues such as climate change, system thinking, social justice, biodiversity, as well as the transition of Hawai’i’s food, water, energy, and transportation systems to more sustainable delivery models.

Sustainability-Related (SR) courses introduce topics of sustainability in some portion of the course through assignments and content, addressing sustainability issues through distinct course components or emphasizing a sustainability principle or issue throughout the course. Sustainability-related classes are offered for students who have an interest in gaining an understanding of the principles of sustainability through their application in another discipline such as the Humanities or Social Sciences.

Sustainability-Focused (SF) courses embody sustainability as a core requirement with a significant portion of course content directly and explicitly related to addressing concepts of sustainability as a lens.

Taking a sustainability-related class is not required for graduation or as a requirement for any program. The designation is indicated in the explanatory notes for the class as listed on Banner (Class Availability site).