Student Life & Campus Activities

The college experience is much more than just a degree.  Through Student Life, we hope to provide opportunities that enhance your academic involvement, engage in student leadership, and increase fellowship activities and community service.  Student Life strives to make your college experience special…the connections and memories you make outside of the classroom will last a lifetime.  It is our mission to help you broaden your horizons, connect with a new perspective, and find your community.

Through a wide spectrum of activities, workshops, and forums that promote student engagement, Student Life aims to increase opportunities for participation while providing services that assist students with individual challenges and realizing their educational goals.

Student Life also oversees and manages our fitness center, UH Maui Fit, Student Government, Campus Clubs, the UH Maui Mobile App, Esports, NSLS Leadership Society, Student ID’s, Campus Tours, and the Student Lounge. 

For more information, please email Student Life at or call 808-984-3434.