Natural Sciences

The Associate in Science degree in Natural Science (ASNS) program provides a comprehensive background in science and math designed specifically for students who plan to pursue baccalaureate studies in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), or who plan to continue with professional studies, such as pre-pharmacy, pre-medical, or pre-dental programs.  The ASNS curriculum provides a seamless pathway for students intending to transfer into a STEM degree at a four-year institution, particularly within the UH System, where students may take advantage of transfer agreements with UH Manoa, UH Hilo, and UH West O’ahu.  Students may concentrate in biological, physical, engineering, or computer sciences.

Students who plan to transfer should consult an academic advisor on the best course selection.  For UH Manoa or UH West O’ahu transfer, consider BOT 105, HWST 107, or PACS 108 to meet Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific Issues (HAP) requirements.

Contact the program coordinator, Dr. Elisabeth Dubuit, at 808-984-3706, or by email at for more information.

Requirements for Certificate of Competence (CO)

A minimum C grade or better is required in each course taken for CO.

The Science Laboratory Technician program prepares students with the skills and training to work independently in a laboratory setting and acquire entry-level laboratory technician positions.  Students will gain knowledge of general laboratory techniques, how to operate laboratory equipment for nutrient and microbiology analyses, collect, prepare, and analyze samples, and record, report, and interpret data.  This program will focus on laboratory training related to environmental science, water quality, and biotechnology.

This certificate requires the completion of the following prerequisite courses:  ENG 100, MATH 103, BIOL 101/101L, CHEM 151/151L or CHEM 161/161L, all with a grade C or better.

Science Laboratory Technician:  4 credits BIOL 152L(2), SCI 165L(1), and SCI 265L(1)2

Graduation Requirements

  • Minimum Applicable:  60 credits, 100-level or higher.
  • Minimum Cumulative GPA:  2.0.
  • Minimum UHMC:  12 credits must be earned at UHMC toward ASNS.
  • Writing Intensive:  Two (WI) Writing Intensive courses are required. (Note:  A third WI is suggested for UH Manoa transfer).

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. explain the natural and technological world using reflection and quantitative analysis including preparation of a plan to collect, process, and interpret data; evaluation of the plan, procedures, and findings; and communication of the conclusions;
  2. explain scientific knowledge and understanding to different audiences for a range of purposes; and
  3. apply scientific knowledge, skills, and understandings to problems and issues in daily life.

Degrees and Certificates