Nā Pua No‘eau - Native Hawaiian K-12 Enrichment

Nā Pua No‘eau is an innovative enrichment program for Native Hawaiian children in grades PreK-12.  The goal is to raise the educational and career aspirations of Hawaiian students and their families by exposing them to numerous educational activities that they may not be able to receive in their home-based schools.  Nā Pua No‘eau recognizes that every child has gifts and talents.  It is the kuleana (responsibility) of our kumu (teachers) and staff to provide educational opportunities and venues that nurture the haumāna (students’) learning and educational journey.

Student eligibility and participation varies from program to program in various grade levels.  Nā Pua No‘eau encourages students from an early age to prepare for college.

For more information, call Nā Pua No‘eau Maui Coordinator at (808) 984-3364.