Liberal Arts

UH Maui College offers several curricula based upon Liberal Arts courses. These curricula include two Associate in Arts degrees - in Liberal Arts and in Hawaiian Studies - and an Associate in Science degree in Natural Science with four concentrations.

**Quantitative Reasoning (FQ) Requirement: 3 credits

Important!  Quantitative Reasoning (FQ) replaces Symbolic Reasoning (FS) as a General Education requirement for the three UHMC Liberal Arts programs, effective Fall 2018.

To ensure there is adequate time for students who entered the UH System prior to Fall 2018 to complete their FS requirements, FS courses will be offered through Summer 2020 at UHMC and at the other UH community colleges. Students entering the UH System in Fall 2018 and beyond may select courses with the FQ designation.

Students who entered the UH System prior to Fall 2018 and have been continuously enrolled should refer to their original catalog year requirements. Students should contact their designated School/College academic or faculty advisor for more information.

The primary goal of FQ courses is to develop mathematical reasoning skills at the college level. Students apply mathematical concepts to the interpretation and analysis of quantifiable information in order to solve a wide range of problems arising in pure and applied research in specific disciplines, professional settings, and/or daily life.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of theories, practices, histories, and key issues of a field of study using essential terminology and concepts of the discipline.
  2. Use theories, concepts, and practices of a field of study to analyze evidence, artifacts, and/or texts and produce interpretations, hypotheses, evaluations, or conclusions.
  3. Apply theories and/or methods of a field of study to perform practical, scholarly, and/or creative tasks that respond to social, cultural, environmental, or economic issues.

Degrees and Certificates