Lethal/Illegal Weapons

Weapons, Dangerous Substances or Materials or Compounds:  Possession or use of any weapon (as defined by statutes*) or weapon replica on campus is strictly prohibited.

Also prohibited is the possession or use of the following:  an object which is designed for the purpose of inflicting bodily harm or death; any object  which is diverted from normal use and is prepared for threat or combat; any dangerous substance or material or compound which is used for other than its primary intended purpose and outside its prescribed license or safety guidelines.

Prohibited items include, but are not limited to:  firearms, ammunition, explosives, knives or blades, arrows, spears or spear guns, powerheads (bang sticks), batons, fighting sticks, edged throwing stars, keychain weapons, defensive sprays.  Exceptions for items authorized by the respective agency/campus:  1)  University Campus Security Officers; 2)  Sworn law enforcement response personnel; 3)  Sworn personnel who are required to possess an off-duty weapon; 4)  Personnel for formally coordinated events/occasions in which an exception must be requested, providing the request is made in writing no less than two weeks in advance of the event date and such request is approved by the campus Chancellor.

*Note: As defined by the Hawai‘i Revised Statutes 134 Part III:  Dangerous Weapons (134-51 to 134-53)