Kākoʻo Student Support

Kākoʻo Student Support in located in the library and offers an array of services including tutoring, essay review, technology loans, study rooms, learning and writing resources and workshops and research help.

Kākoʻo Tutoring Services offers both online and in-person sessions in a variety of subjects. Expert tutors ask questions, give suggestions, and tailor their tutoring techniques for each student and assignment. 

Tutorial support includes professional and peer assistance in reading, writing, math, study skills, foreign languages, and other subject areas upon tutor availability.  Campus wide workshops on study skills, reading, and writing skills are offered.

Professional staff, student assistants, and peer tutors are available in to assist students.  Students may receive assistance on an appointment or walk-in basis.

For more info, visit our program page at https://maui.hawaii.edu/kakoo/