Grading System

The system of grades and grade points are:

Option I A-F Grading  
A Excellent 4 grade points
B Above Average 3 grade points
C Average 2 grade points
D Minimal passing 1 grade point
F Failure 0 grade points
N Work in Progress 0 grade points
W Withdrawal No grade points
I Incomplete No grade points
L Audit No grade points
RD Record Delayed Temporary grade


Option II Credit/No Credit  
CR Credit No grade points
NC No Credit No grade points
I Incomplete No grade points
W Withdrawal No grade points

Students may select the grading option desired via MyUH Services at the time of registration.  Most courses may be taken  as either the graded Option I (A, B, C, D, F, N, W, I, L) or the Credit/No Credit Option II (CR, NC, I, W).

If students do not change the grading option, they will receive a letter grade for the course. If they wish to change the option to CR/NC, they must change it via the MyUH Services up to the deadline published on the homepage.  Change of option to Audit must be done in person at Admission and Records.  It is the responsibility of students to inform instructors of the grading option elected prior to the deadline to change grade option.  Without a declaration, instructors will assume that students have elected Option I.

N (Work in Progress) grade is used only in specific developmental courses:  ENG 10, 19, 21, 22, 90v, and 98; LSK 30 and 90v; MATH 75X, and 82.  The N grade indicates that the student is not yet prepared to succeed at the next level.  N grades do not affect the GPA and may be repeated as specified in the College Repeat Policy.

I (Incomplete) grade is given to students who were progressing satisfactorily during the semester, but failed to complete the semester because of illness or other condition beyond the students’ control.  The Incomplete will become the grade the instructor has indicated depending upon the grading option (I or II) selected; e.g., an I/D becomes a D if the work is not completed before the Incomplete Deadline of the next academic term.  It is the responsibility of students to inform their instructor if they wish to request an Incomplete.

CR (Credit) grade is equal to grade C or better.  Credits are awarded for CR grades, but no grade points are calculated.

L (Audit) grade is given to students who enroll in courses as auditors.  Credits are not awarded under this option.  Students must be declared as an auditor by the Change of Grade deadline published on the homepage under Academic Calendar.

GPA (Grade Point Average) is determined by multiplying the credit received for a course by the number of grade points and dividing by the total number of credits attempted.

Note these exceptions:

  • A maximum of 30 credits of CR grades may be applied toward a degree program at UH Maui College.  It is strongly recommended that students take courses in their major on a letter grade basis.
  • Certain courses are designated as CR/NC only.  These courses may be taken only on a credit/no-credit basis.

Note these cautions:

  • Students planning to transfer to a 4-year institution should consult that institution’s catalog regarding its policy regarding acceptance of CR grades.
  • The Credit/No Credit option at UH Mānoa is limited to elective courses.  The CR/NC option is not allowed for any course taken to fulfill a University or College core requirement nor a Department requirement, with the exception of those courses designated Credit/No Credit only.  Students planning to transfer to UH Mānoa should follow this UH Mānoa policy when taking courses at UH Maui College.
  • Scholarships are often contingent upon successful graded scholastic performance.
  • Students opting to take courses for CR/NC when the letter grade option is available are not eligible for the Dean’s Honor List.
  • No audited classes are allowed for financial aid.