Family Education Rights and Privacy of Students (FERPA)

Pursuant to Section 99.6 of rules and regulations governing the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 (hereinafter the Act), student in attendance at the University of Hawai‘i Maui College are hereby notified of the following:

  1. It is the policy of UH Maui College to subscribe to requirements of Section 438 of the General Education Provision Act, Title IV, of Public Law 90-247, as amended, and to the rules and regulations governing the Act, which protect the privacy rights of students.
  2. The rights of students under the Act include the following, subject to conditions and limitations specified in the Act:
    1. The right to inspect and review education records.
    2. The right to request to amend the student’s education records.
    3. The right of protection from disclosure by UH Maui College of personally identifiable information contained in education records without permission of the student involved.
    4. The right to file complaints concerning alleged failures by UH Maui College to comply with the Act.
  3. Students are advised that institutional policy and procedures required under the Act have been published as Administrative Procedure AP 7.022-Procedures Relating to Protection of the Educational Rights and Privacy of Students.  Copies of AP A7.022 may be obtained from the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs at UH Maui College.
  4. Students are advised that certain personally identifiable information is considered by the College to be Directory Information and, in response to public inquiry, may be disclosed in conformance with state law, at the College’s discretion, without prior consent of the student unless the student otherwise so informs the College not to disclose such information.
    • Name of student
    • Major field or study
    • Educational level (freshman, sophomore, etc.)
    • Fact of participation in officially recognized activities or sports
    • Weight and height of members of athletic teams
    • Dates of attendance
    • Degrees and awards received

      Students have the right to request that any or all of the above items not be designated Directory Information with respect to themselves.  Should students wish to exercise this right, they must, in person and in writing, not earlier than the first day of instruction nor later than 14 calendar days from the first day of instruction for the academic term or semester, or the fourth day of a summer session, inform Admissions & Records which of the above items are not to be disclosed without the prior consent of the student.
  5. A parent or spouse of a student is advised that information contained in educational records, except as may be determined to be Directory Information, will not be disclosed to him/her without the prior written consent of the son, daughter, or spouse.

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Emergency Situations:  In case of an emergency requiring contact information, inquiries may be directed to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (808) 984-3512 or the UH Maui College Admissions & Records Office (808) 984-3267.