Enrollment Status and Academic Progress

Financial aid is based on students’ financial needs, enrollment levels, living situations, and academic progress toward declared major.

In order to continue to be eligible for aid, students must meet the satisfactory academic progress requirements each semester.  These requirements are described in the College Regulations section of this Catalog under Regulations and Standards for Financial Aid.

Students should notify the Financial Aid Office immediately if they make any changes to their certified course load or if they withdraw officially or unofficially.  Withdrawals may impact student’s current eligibility of aid and could result in owing back of funds.  Withdrawals may also impact a student’s future eligibility.

The Higher Education Amendments of 1998, Public Law 105-244, changed substantially the way financial aid funds are handled when students withdraw officially or unofficially from school.  A statutory schedule will determine the amount of funds students have earned up to the time of withdrawal.  Unearned funds must be returned to the grant or loan program from which they came.  Recipients must make arrangements to return the funds.

It is strongly recommended that students who stop attending classes go through the official withdrawal process with the Admissions & Records Office.  Financial aid recipients considering withdrawal should also contact the Financial Aid Office to see what impact their decisions may have on their financial aid eligibility.