Employment of Graduates

Section 177.64 of Rules and Regulations Governing the Guaranteed Loan Program (20 U.S.C. 1071 through 1087-1) requires that participating institutions make a good faith effort to present prospective students, prior to the time they obligate themselves to pay tuition, with a complete and accurate statement about the institution, its current academic or training program, and its faculties and facilities, with particular emphasis on those programs in which the prospective students have expressed interest.  Further, in the case of an institution having courses of study, the purpose of which is to prepare students for a particular vocational, trade, or career field, such statement shall include information regarding the employment of students enrolled in such courses, in such vocation, trade, or career field.

Accordingly, applicants are advised to secure a copy of the current catalog of prospective campuses in order to gain information describing the nature of the campus, its academic and student services programs, its faculties, and its facilities.  Further, applicants are advised to contact CareerLink (UHMC Career Resource Center) to access information on employment potentials for specific academic programs.