Electronic Prerequisite Checking

The Star GPS registration system within MyUH Services checks a student’s electronic UHMC transcript to assess whether the prerequisite course, grade, or score is met.  When the prereq is not met, Star GPS does not allow the student to register for that class.

There is one exemption, called “prerequisite in progress”.  When students register before the end of a term, and they are currently enrolled in a course that is a prerequisite for a course to be taken in the subsequent term, GPS will allow the prerequisite override because the prerequisite is “in progress”.  However, once grades are assigned, a report is issued showing “in progress” students who did not subsequently earn the required passing grade.  These students with the unmet prerequisite may subsequently be dropped from the course.

A second exclusion is “Consent of Instructor”.  Students may petition an override to the prerequisite by demonstrating evidence to support achievement of the requirement through other means.  Overrides for due cause may be granted by the course instructor, program coordinator, or counselor.

Courses completed at a non-UH campus are not automatically entered into the student’s UHMC electronic transcript, and thereby unavailable to Star GPS during  prerequisite checking.  All non-UH system courses must be transferred, articulated, and input into Star GPS before electronic checks take place.   

To transfer courses completed outside the UH system, complete and submit this Transcript Evaluation Request form.