ECON 131: Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics*

Credits 3 Lecture Hours 45
Teaching Equivalent
Analyzes the forces determining national and international economic performance in such areas as employment, inflation, production, money supply, and trade. Presents, in historical context, the modern economic situation. Describes the relative roles of major economic institutions such as businesses, labor unions, government agencies, international organizations, and the banks. *Note: ECON 130 and 131 are both required for Economics majors and for admission to UH Mānoa College of Business Administration. ECON 120, 130, or 131 may be used to meet Social Science core requirements. UH Mānoa students cannot receive more than 6 credits for ECON 120, 130, and 131.

ENG 22 with grade C or better or placement at ENG 100, and MATH 82 with grade C or better or placement at least MATH 103, or consent.