Directed Study

Directed study (DIRS) or research beyond the scope of curricular offerings in students’ majors or areas of interest are offered by the College and arranged independently with the relevant instructor(s).   

Interested students will print out the Directed Study form from the Curriculum Committee website.  The completed form along with the proposed course outline is forwarded for approval to the instructor, department chair, and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, with the vice chancellor office filing a copy of the approved proposal.  Directed study courses may be repeated without limit for credit.

DIRS 99v, 199v, 299v, 399v, and 499v are available for elective credit only.  The 99v course is generally not applicable for credit toward a UHMC degree.  If the credits earned in Directed Study are intended for transfer, each directed study course syllabus and course outline will be input into the College computer system.

Directed study is intended as a specially designed learning experience.  The offering is expected to be related to students’ programs of study and to the College’s existing curriculum.  Directed study will not duplicate existing courses found and offered in the College curriculum.  It is not a substitute for cancelled classes.