Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education (Co-op or internships) is an academic program which offers students an opportunity to integrate classroom-based theory with related practical work experience.  Students benefit by:

  • earning academic credit (1-3 credits per semester) for field experience related to a student’s major.
  • gaining practical on-the-job experience that fosters hands-on development of skills, competencies, and interest in a specific occupation or career field.
  • participation in field experiences that can help to validate a career choice(s).
  • enhancing employability skills, improve resume and cover letter development, earning capability, and the potential for career advancement.
  • exploration or transition towards or into new careers.
  • earning possibility for employers that opt-in for paid-internship experience.  Income is pending whether mentor/employer site offers paid or unpaid internship experience.

Field sites may be on- or off-campus, paid or volunteer, part- or full-time.  Cooperative Education faculty will approve and orient field sites with participating businesses and organizations. Students develop learning outcomes, are evaluated for work performances, participate in Laulima for online course assignments, attend monthly seminars with guest speakers or individual appointments, and develop a career portfolio.

Co-op is currently available in these programs:

  • Accounting - ACC 193v
  • Administration of Justice - AJ 293v*
  • Agriculture - AG 193v
  • Business Administration - BUS 193v
  • Business Technology - BUSN 193v*
  • Construction Technology – CASE 193v*
  • Electronic Computer Engineering Technology - ETRO 193v*
  • Fashion Technology - FT 93v
  • Liberal Art majors are encouraged to enroll in CASE 193v**
  • Applied Business Information Technology – BUS 393v

Courses lower than 100-level may not count toward a specific academic program. Contact your counselor to confirm. 

*Coop classes that are required for students to enroll in as part of their academic program requirements.

**1st year college students and Liberal Arts majors are encouraged to enroll in CASE 193v, 293v, 393v, 493v for career exploration and for professional development.

Co-op credits are variable by academic program requirements and are based on one credit enrollment = 75 hours of work-based learning.  Two credits = 150-internship hours and Three credits = 225 hours.  A Co-op course may be repeated for a maximum of 9 credits.  Credits may be transferable as determined by the receiving institution.  For 393v and 493v Co-op courses, students must be upper-division program majors; or consent. Check online at Class Availability for specific course alpha and CRNs (e.g., BUSN 193v, CASE 293v). 

Call (808) 984-3318, or visit Career Link in the Laulima Building, Room 101, for information and assistance.