Construction Technology

The Construction Technology program prepares students in general building construction and maintenance of large or small structures.  It allows students to explore different trades prior to selecting a specialization.

Students with current industry certifications or training may receive “credit” and no grade for specific courses per the policy Credit for Non-Collegiate Instruction in the UHMC General Catalog.

Contact the Program Coordinator, Clifford Rutherford, at (808) 984-3246 or by email at for more information.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Use and maintain appropriate materials, tools, equipment, and procedures to carry out tasks performed on construction projects according to safety and industry standards.
  2. Use math, computer, and oral and written communication skills to solve construction project problems.
  3. Create and maintain accurate documentation of construction and maintenance projects.
  4. Describe industry standard Green Building practices in construction and maintenance projects.
  5. Read and interpret blueprints, and/or schematics, and specifications to plan projects.
  6. Demonstrate the craftsmanship standards of dependability, punctuality, and quality.
  7. Examine and use proper mechanical, electrical, and carpentry codes and standards applicable to construction and repair.

Degrees and Certificates