Campus Parking and Vehicles

The College has in place rules governing campus parking and vehicles to increase pedestrian safety, reduce traffic congestion, and provide for safe and orderly parking on the campus.  Any motor vehicle may be removed from the campus at the expense of the owner/driver of the vehicle if it is in violation of these rules.

Violations include parking in prohibited areas such as, but not limited to, on grassed areas, medial strips, sidewalks, in reserved or loading stalls, in “No Parking” areas, fire lanes or along areas painted red and yellow (e.g., too close to intersection, in loading zones and driveway areas); driving on areas other than streets, roads, or parking areas; speeding over 10 miles per hour or other posted limits; reckless driving; failure to heed directions of a duly authorized officer; and failure to heed directions given on an official sign (e.g., failure to stop at stop sign, failure to obey a traffic sign).

All owners and operators of motor vehicles parked or operated on campus shall assume the risk of, and the College and University shall not be responsible, or liable for, any loss or damage occasioned by fire, theft, or other casualty to motor vehicles or any contents therein.  Each such owner and operator of a motor vehicle parked or operated on campus shall indemnify and save harmless the College and University from and against all claims, demands, costs, and expenses whatsoever arising out of or in connection with parking or operation of such motor vehicle on campus.

In addition, use of skateboards and scooters is not allowed on College property.