AA Degree Requirement Codes

These codes are used by UHMC and by most UH colleges, to facilitate the articulation and the transfer of courses within the UH system.

For example, a DA-coded course at UHMC not only satisfies the DA requirement at UHMC, but also satisfies the DA requirements at the other UH campuses.

DA Diversification Arts
DH Diversification Humanities
DL Diversification Literatures
DB Diversification Biological Science
DP Diversification Physical Science
DS Diversification Social Sciences
DY Diversification Laboratory
FW Foundations Writing
FGA Foundations Global (Before 1500 CE)
FGB Foundations Global (Since 1500 CE)
FGC Foundations Global (Prehistory to now)
FQ Foundations Quantitative Reasoning 1 2 3
FS Foundations Symbolic Reasoning 3
HI Hawai‘i Emphasis 1

1 Note:  For courses meeting Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific Issues (HAP) requirement at other UH colleges, check with an academic advisor.

2 Note:  For courses meeting the Hawaiian Second Language (HSL) requirement at other UH colleges, check with an academic advisor.  HSL is not required for the AA degree in Liberal Arts.

3 Note:  See Quantitative Reasoning (FQ).